European Conference on Resilience in Education

University of Malta

Valletta Campus

12th-13th July 2018


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Day 1: 12th July 2018

08.30 Registration

09.00 Opening of Conference

Presentation by students of St Ignatius College

Presentation of resilience award to St Ignatius’ College

Address by Conference Chair

Address by Dean, Faculty of Education

Address by Dean, Faculty for Social Wellbeing

Address by Rector, University of Malta

Address by Commissioner for Children

Address by Hon Minister of Education, Malta

09.30 Nurturing Resilience Among Children, Youth and Families with Complex Needs Michael Ungar (Canada)

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00 European Masters in Resilience Project ENRETE (University of Malta, University of Rijeka – Croatia, University of Crete – Greece, University of Pavia – Italy, University of Lisbon – Portugal, University Stefan cel Mare, Suceava – Romania)

13.00 Lunch Break

14.00 Parallel Session 1

          1.1 Symposium 1

Social and Emotional Learning and Resilience in Schools: Projects from Europe Valeria Cavioni (Italy), Elisabetta Conte (Italy), Carmel Cefai (Malta), Annalisa Morganti (Italy), Aurora Adina Colomeischi (Romania)

          1.2. Teacher Education in Resilience

Pay it Forward – Service Learning as a Tool for Developing Social-Emotional Skills and Resilience Skills in Students Niva Dolev (Israel)

Using the Staff Sharing Scheme within the Targeted Mental Health in Schools (TaMHS) Pathfinder Stacy Moore (UK)

Social-Emotional Consultation to Teachers Chad Kordt-Thomas (USA)

          1.3. Resilience and Trauma 1

Resilience in Syrian Children in Transit to Milan: Good Practices in Educational Interventions Alessandra Cipolla (Italy)

Applying assisted resilience approach therapy (ARAT) with children victims of violence Francesca Giordano (Italy)

Rescuing People is Good; Going to Pieces Afterwards is Not. Rescuers of Human Tragedies’ Experience of Trauma Marianna Micallef Grimaud (Malta)

          1.4. Children’s Resilience Across Systems

Rights and Resilience Building Commissioner for Children (Malta)

CARE: A Community-based Resilience Training Programme Moira Chiodini (Italy)

Resilience: A whole-school approach Anne Rathbone (UK), Angie Hart (UK)

15.30: Parallel Session 2

          2.1. Symposium 2

Resilience Promotion in Portugal Celeste Simoes (Portugal), Alexandra Simoes (Portugal), Paula Lebre (Portugal), Ana Marta Fonseca (Portugal), Anabela Santos (Portugal)

          2.2. Migrant Children and Resilience 

The Mental Health and Wellbeing of Migrant Children in Malta Carmel Cefai (Malta), Noemi Tari-Keresztes (Malta)

The Need for Resiliency-Enhancing Techniques for Forced Migrant Children Nicole Dubus (USA)

The Challenges and Experiences of Students from an Asylum-Seeking Background in Malta Damian Spiteri (Malta)

          2.3. Resilience Programmes 

Importance of planning, implementing and evaluating resilience programmes and interventions in the classroom Darko Rovis (Croatia)

HØK – a Danish RE-toolbox (Resilience and Equity) for Schools Ida Skytte Jakobsen (Denmark)

“Resilience Curriculum (RESCUR)-Surfing the Waves /Ena Embodio, Mia Efkeria!”: Empirical Results of the Effectiveness of the First Implementation Study in Greek Schools Anastassios Matsopoulos (Greece), Mariza Gavogiannaki (Greece)

          2.4. Resilience and Trauma 2

Tutor of Resilience (ToR) School-Based Program in Schools Affected by the 2016 Italian Earthquake Francesca Giordano (Italy)

Enhancing Systemic Resilience through Journalism; The Macerata’s District Case Federica Nardi (Italy), Paola Nicolini (Italy)

Fostering resilience through emotion regulation: A study with two at risk populations Beatriz Lucas-Molina (Spain)

          2.5 Teacher Practices in Resilience

Experiential Learning: An essential tool in resilience education Paul Bartolo (Malta)

Resilience and Empowerment in Teachers: A Constructivist-Strategic Approach Claudette Portelli & Matteo Papantuono (Malta/Italy)

Personality, Resilience, Intelligence and Dexterity Denis Flores (Malta) 

17.00  End of Day 1

Social Programme: Vittoriosa tour and dinner (optional) More information here.
Exile Voices exhibition, Grand Master’s Palace (information only)


Day 2: 13th July 2018

09.00 Promoting Social and Emotional Competence in Early Years Education: The Impact on Prosocial Behaviour in Early Childhood Ilaria Grazzani (University of Milano Bicocca, Italy)

10.00:  Parallel Session 3

          3.1. Workshop: Restorative Justice in Schools 1 Jeanette Holtham (USA), Andre Zarb Cousin (USA)

          3.2. Workshop: Interpreting Children’s Drawings 1 Ani Zlateva (Bulgaria)

          3.3. Workshop: Building Resilient Skills through Journal Writing and Drawing Maria Pace (Malta)

          3.4. Workshop: How to Promote Resilience in Adolescence Gianluca Gualdi (Italy)

         3.5. Workshop: Mindfulness in Resilience Paula Lebre (Portugal)

11.00. Coffee Break

11.30  Parallel Session 4

          4.1. Workshop: Restorative Justice in Schools 2 Jeanette Holtham (USA), Andre Zarb-Cousin (USA)

          4.2. Workshop: Interpreting Children’s Drawings 2 Ani Zlateva (Bulgaria) 

          4.3. Teacher Resilience

Romanian Teachers’ Resilience Aurora Adina Colomeischi (Romania)

Teacher Eco-Systems: An analysis of three Maltese teacher social contexts Michelle Attard Tonna (Malta), James Calleja (Malta)

Improving Teacher Motivation – A “what if” insight Maria Doina Schipor (Romania) – Presented by Aurora Adina Colomeischi (Romania)

          4.4. Resilience Interventions

Teacher Empathy: Its nature and influence on the development of a resilience enhancing positive classroom climate Kimberly Agius (Malta), Paul Bartolo (Malta)

Financial Literacy: An educational programme to foster resilience in the Southern Harbour Region of the Maltese Islands Katya Degiovanni (Malta), Josette Barbara Cardona (Malta)

Residential foster care and executive functioning in children: The moderating role of resilience and gender Beatriz Lucas-Molina (Spain)


13.00 Conclusion of conference

Social Programme: Mellieha Open Concert (optional). More information here.
Exile Voices exhibition, Grand Master’s Palace (information only)
Choir of Clare’s College, St Paul’s Cathedral, Valletta (information only)


Poster Presentations

Poster presentations will take place during the lunch break at 13:00 on 12th July and the coffee break at 11:00 on 13th July.