ENRETE Multiplier Event – Portugal

The multiplier ENRETE event (Erasmus +) took place in the 5thJuly  in the Faculty of Human Kinetics. The program encompassed a group of presentations focused on resilience and socioemotional competences theme. In the opening session, Celeste Simões presented an overview of the resilience projects conducted by the research group over the last 25 years. Some of these projects were then highlighted, namely RESCUR into Action, by Anabela Caetano, that aims the implementation of RESCUR in several Portuguese schools and its impact evaluation. The ENRETE project, its aims and structure, the contents of face to face and online modules and future developments were present by Ana Fonseca.

For this final ENRETE project event in Portugal, we had the opportunity to integrate into its program the closure of another project also devoted to the promotion of socioemotional competencies, the project Endireita, which targets juvenile offenders.  Related with this last project, three other moments were included in the multiplier event program: the presentation of the Endireita project, by Margarida Santos, a personal testimony of a prime example of resilience by Johnson Semedo that presented the speech “Resilience in the first person”, and the certificates attribution to the adolescents that participated in the project.

By the end of the event, we had the pleasure to have with us the participants (from six European Faculties) of the Summer School of Psychomotor Therapy, coordinated by Paula Lebre, that took place during the week (1 to 7 July) in the Faculty of Human Kinetics, and the Vice Dean of our faculty.

The event finished with a cultural moment and a cocktail dinner.

The event counted with 43 participants representatives from different institutions and intervention sectors, namely education, health, justice and social care.


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