SEMINAR IN ROMANIA, 25th of May 2018

The multiplier event was a symposium entitled EDUCATION FOR RESILIENCE and it was held in
Suceava, on 25 th of May 2018, between 9 to 15.00 .
There were presented 5 conferences and one workshop for almost 50 participants from different
schools of the region. Some stakeholders were invited, such as representatives from County School
Inspectorate, headmasters from schools, school counsellors.
The topic of the presentations were:
1. Project presentation, rationale and results
2. Education and Resilience (Adina Colomeischi)
3. Motivation and Resilience for Teacher Training (Doina Schipor)
4. The Resilient Teacher – a profile (Corina Gheorghiu)
5. Stress and Resilience in educational profession (Liliana BUJOR)
6. Supportive Relationships and Networks for resilience promotion within teaching profession
(Otilia CLIPA)
7. Workshop – The Resilient Teacher


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